1001 Nights

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1001 Nights — 40 ml

Uniting deep-rooted traditions with modern times, this oil comprises of Spicy and Smoky notes, which evolve into a menagerie of Floral elements, complemented by the lingering effect of Musky and Woody notes. Equally as enchanting as the fragrance and in continuation of the ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ theme, the oil is encased in an exquisite bottle.. The matt-white finish of the bottle and the shining cap add to the charm of the authentic looking Arabian bottle containing 40 ml of the entrancing scent, capturing the magic and mystery of the orient. Top notes are spicy and smoky whilst heart is floral spicy and base notes are musky woody.
Top Notes Egyptian jasmine, gardenia, orange, grapefruit.
Middle notes Neroli, Clary sage, lavender, copaiba, balsam, lemon
Base Notes Sandalwoods, white musks, vanilla

Height of 75 mm
Tapputi Egyptian Perfume Oils are original A-Grade, undiluted, alcohol-free perfume oils, mostly imported from Egypt and not imitations of any existing fragrances on the market.