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Habibti — 25 ml

Habibti is a striking perfume oil with excellent longevity, ensuring that the wearer can be confident of its durability.

Perfectly crafted this intriguing blend of oriental and fougere accords makes for a real masterpiece fragrance in a luxurious Arab antique metal glass bottle with Victoria flower design.

Habibti is for the bold and dynamic women who naturally draw attention with their magnetic personalities.

Adorned by a golden halo, they are set apart from the crowd. With moderate projection, it can be worn any time, any place, anywhere. It is the type of fragrance that can take you from work to play, becoming a softer skin scent as the day progresses.

Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit, egyptian balsam, damask rose

Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, jasmine, vanilla, honeysuckle

Base Notes: Amber, sandalwood, musk, resins

Height of 103 mm.

Tapputi Egyptian Perfume Oils are original A-Grade, undiluted, alcohol-free perfume oils, mostly imported from Egypt and not imitations of any existing fragrances on the market.