Kirei (Egyptian Jasmine)

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Kirei (Egyptain Jasmine) — 25 ml

Kirei, the Jasmine perfume. The floral scent of Jasmine is rich, sweet, fruity, and sensual. Unlike other flowers, Jasmine also has a slight animalistic edge that smells tenacious and musky. The combination of feminine sweetness and masculine wildness make the smell of jasmine universally attractive. The Jasmine flower has a beautiful and pleasant fragrance with a universal appeal. Its sweet, fresh, floral scent has a soothing and calming effect which opens with notes of wild berries and juicy mandarin. Orange and Gardenia, Honeysuckle and Jasmine; Caramel, Praline, Vanilla, Amber and Sandalwood. 

Top Notes: Wild berries, mandarin, bergamot, green leaves
Middle Notes: Orange, gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, caramel, praline, Ylang ylang
Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk

Height of 103mm.

Tapputi Egyptian Perfume Oils are original A-Grade, undiluted, alcohol-free perfume oils, mostly imported from Egypt and not imitations of any existing fragrances on the market.