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Nefertiti — 25 ml

Nefertiti is an Egyptian name which literally means ” The Beautiful has come “. It is a fruity and persuasive composition that predisposes more towards on female audience. Nefertiti is said to be one of the most Beautiful women of Egypt. The Egyptians have captured her beauty in this wonderful fragrance Oil. This blend has powerful rich florals, under tones of cinnamon and top notes of honey. When applied to the skin for wearing, Nefertiti Oil releases these special notes and combined with your own natural body oils its fragrance becomes Individual to You and You Only. Nefertiti is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. The fragrance features floral notes like iris, citruses, infused by white musk, tonka, vanilla and amber. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, neroli, bitter orange tree blossoms, honey
Middle Notes: Jasmine, iris, cinnamon
Base Notes: Sandalwood, amber, white musk, vanilla, tonka

Height of 103 mm

Tapputi Egyptian Perfume Oils are original A-Grade, undiluted, alcohol-free perfume oils, mostly imported from Egypt and not imitations of any existing fragrances on the market.