White Musk

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White Musk — 20 ml

The scent of Egyptian Musk is known worldwide, it being one of the most loved fragrances dating centuries back. A delicate and soft musky and white floral fragrance, with top notes of lily of the valley, lilac, and jasmine, middle notes of violet and rose followed with a clean musky, cedarwood, and tonka bean base note. This is a beautiful fragrance indeed, destined to become a must-have staple in your Collection of Fine Attars. 

Top Notes: Lily of the valley, lilac, jasmine
Middle Notes: Violet, rose
Base Notes: Musk, cedarwood, tonka beans, vanilla

Height of 93mm.

Tapputi Egyptian Perfume Oils are original A-Grade, undiluted, alcohol-free perfume oils, mostly imported from Egypt and not imitations of any existing fragrances on the market.