You can choose any of the above oils, at an additional cost to accompany your exquisite original hand-blown Egyptian glass bottle with 10 carat liquid gold finish. Only available with the Crown of Egypt collection.


Beauty of the Nile is a sweet, creamy-fresh, Floral Rose Scent. It is a strong fragrance that easily captures a lot of attention. Although it is a unique fragrance, it is also similar to a lot of western fragrances, but the only difference is that it is all natural. One drop goes a long way, truly a work of art. A sweet, fresh, sexy and floral fragrance oil. Top notes offer luminous and sparkling drops of neroli, announcing the sexy heart created of Tahitian tiare flowers, along with warm, cuddly and creamy rosewood accords in the base. This fragrance will astound your senses.

Top Notes: Bergamot, neroli
Middle Notes: Jasmine, rose, tahitian tiare flowers
Base Notes: Sandalwood, rosewood


The Egyptian Cherry perfume oil is a very potent mixture of both red and black cherries. It does not have the same "light sweet Cherry Aura" type smell to it. It is a very deep, fruity scent and we love it! It is a luxurious fragrance, bit you have to be crazy about cherries and a very, very sweet smell.

Initial Scent with most impact: Ripe Cherry
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Almost floral, a sweet smell
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Tangy balsamic base


Flower of Life is floral and fruity. Think of a sparkling pink and light champagne, peach blossoms, white musk and amber all mixed together. It is fresh, sensual and feminine. Carefully crafted with a blend of pure essential oils and cut with golden jojoba oil. Notes of patchouli, ylang ylang, cypress, rosewood, lavender, blue tansy, wormwood, white sage, and rose come alive in this sweet and sacred scent.  An age-old emblem that embodies the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Embark on a mesmerising olfactory journey with our Egyptian Flower of Life Perfume Oil. Inspired by the ancient symbol of harmony and interconnectedness, this fragrance is a celebration of beauty, balance, and the eternal cycle of life. May this perfume instill you with the Flower of Life’s wisdom. 

Top Notes: Citrus blossom, green tea, patchouli
Middle Notes: Jasmine, neroli, rose, lavender, Ylang ylang, ciprus, blue tansy
Base Notes: Sandalwood, musk, rosewood, warmwood, white Sage, amber


“Secret Beauty” is the aroma that is revealed during the day. It is a delicate shade of creamy-floral fragrant spring flowers, a slightly sweetish taste of ripe fruits and vanilla and extremely sexy! Top notes offer luminous and sparkling drops of neroli and vanilla announcing the sexy heart created of Tahitian tiare flowers and musk along with warm, cuddly and creamy rosewood floral accords in the base.  

Top Notes: Neroli, vanilla, pimento
Middle Notes: Tahitian tiare flowers, musk, lavender, vetiver
Base Notes: Rosewood, leather


This perfume is a rich floral & fruity oil and an artful blend of berries elevated by spirited jasmine and violet and smoothed out with amber and musk that will make you feel completely free. A multifaceted, magnetic fruity gourmand with its top, middle and base notes being a mix of Strawberry, Blackberry, Violet, Jasmine, Sandlewood and Amber smoothed out with Amber and musk. 

Top Notes: Strawberry, blackberry, violet, lotus blossom, bergamot, raspberry, cherry
Middle Notes: Jasmine Sambac, rose petals, violet, jasmine
Base Notes: Sandelwood, amber, musk